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  World Innovators and Entrepreneurs: I recommend to all creative people to apply to Start-Up Chile, Global entrepreneurs are Welcome! This Monday will be presented the call by the Economy Minister of Chile. Come to Chile a live by yourself the South American-Sillicon Valley, it is feels like the California’s gold fever or the conquest of the west, but now the ideas are the most important value!
Javier Gramajo López
Co-founder SQMOS powered by Start-Up Chile

If you haven’t yet heard, Start-Up Chile is one of the game-changing initiatives that the Chilean Government created that has converted the nation into the innovation and entrepreneurship hub of Latin America. The country is 100% dedicated to catapulting Chile into the developed world and, with this program and it’s hundreds of entrepreneurs, they’re right on track.
Each startup participating in Start-Up Chile receives USD$40K (equity-free!) and 1-year work visas for its founders in exchange for staying at least 6 months in Chile to develop their ideas in a very supportive, international, and “incubative” environment. Those chosen have access to a very well connected and financially powerful Chilean network. 23 startups were selected in 2010, they plan to select 300 by end of 2011, and 1000 by 2014. Yes, their economy is on fire!
For those of you who don’t know much about Chile or its economy here are a few key tidbits:
  1. Chile is 1 of only 2 LatAm countries (the other being Mexico) that has been a part of the OECD.
  2. It’s the country that has most free trade agreements in the world and is the only nation in LatAm to receive the lowest political risk rating from the Aon Corporation.
  3. Chile was just named the most innovative country in LatAm and, last year, investment went up 201% (reaching USD$13.3 billion!).
  4. It has 4 seasons and all climates you can think of– from desert to rainforest to arctic and, in Santiago, you are only 1 hour from ski resorts or the beach.
  5. Santiago is a very tech savvy city with more than 2 cell phones per person, a solid technical and transportation infrastructure and a very well educated population.
The good news is that you can become part of this– Start-Up Chile is just about to open their next application round in search of up to 100 startups. It’ll open on July 11th and will remain open for one month. They’re looking for the best and brightest entrepreneurs in the world and, if you know someone who’d fit the bill, let them know that they have the opportunity of a lifetime! Urge them to apply here: www.startupchile.org/apply and they could be part of this one-of-a-kind startup revolution.
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