As a part of my Academic Activities I will participate at ESOF2008, Euro Science Open Forum 2008, this workshop is organized by EuroScience this is a grass-roots organization that links Science and Technology with the society: Research Professionals, Science Administrators, Policy Makers, Teachers, PhD students, Post-Docs, Engineers, Industrialists and any citizen.

My participation it will be in Scientific Sessions, presentations and debates, featured panellists. Nobel Prize winners and trend-setting innovators will participate as speakers in the Scientific Programme. This participation it is possible thanks to LAC-ACCESS program from the European Commission, and the FP7.

LAC-ACCESS supports the opening up of the European Research Area to Latin America and the Caribbean, one of the lines of this program is a “Small Conference Grant Scheme” for LAC researchers to support a direct face-to-face linkage with European researchers and institutions. Under this program, 30 researchers from Latin America will be selected.

As a researcher this is a great opportunity to share my work, to show the capabilities that we have and the internationalization of fundaTICs, organization that promote and support my research activities in Guatemala.